• Image of The Skids 7"

"Debut 7" from Melbourne KBD-grillfat punkers The Skids. Four medium tempo grunters, "Crooked Cop" is in a Cosmic Psychos direct-driven style if they were more concerned with punk than agriculture, and Zeke's vox are as gravelly as the road. "So What" has a sneering '77 style guitar line punctuated with a searing solo at the end and this one is Zeke's finest moment on the record. Flipside has "On the Edge" which is a perfectly cooked bit of desolation rock and they close with a surprisingly upbeat Chuck Berry riff that willl send 'em home with a smile on their face. I've said it a million times already, Australians do the meat-n-potatoes punk thing better than anyone, and The Skids provide further proof. Scum stats: 300 total, 200 with pink cover, 100 with blue." - TERMINAL BOREDOM